Updated: 30 May 2012 16:15

'Wheelchair Access, Disabled Facilities', 

 'Single/Lone/Solo bowlers'


 'Bowlers under 21
 years of Age'

'Wheelchair access and Disabled facilities' - are available at most venues and all players are most welcome at our events irrespective of any special requirements they may need.   It is advisable however, to check with Mel or Barry before booking for any particular event, just to ensure that the facilities are suitable at the location you wish to attend - and in addition it will of course assist them in their preparations for the event to ensure that your holiday run smoothly.

'Single/Lone/Solo bowlers'
- well how do you describe someone who wishes to attend on their own??   Anyway - such bowlers are most welcome and a considerable number of people do already attend who fall into this category.   Mel and Barry will pair you up with other bowlers either in a similar situation or who are part of a larger group and you can happily take part in all competitions.
'Bowlers under 21 Years of Age' - are regrettably not allowed to attend at the Warners sites at Lakeside, Hayling Island, Bembridge, Isle of Wight and Gunton Hall in Suffolk.   These Warner sites are for adults only and unfortunately we have to go along with the rules of the location.   Unfortunately this also applied to Sand Bay Holiday Village at Weston-super-Mare which is an adult only holiday village.