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'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People '
'Hearing Dogs for the Deaf 'was launched at the world famous Crufts Dog show in 1982.   About 6 years later the name was changed to 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People' who train carefully selected dogs to alert severely or profoundly deaf people to the everyday sounds that hearing people take for granted, such as alarm clocks, doorbells, telephones, smoke alarms etc. The dogs are trained to communicate by touch and then either lead to the sound source or lie down to indicate danger.    Potential owners are carefully assessed as to the degree of their deafness and desire to look after a dog.
'Warman Leisure Holidays' commenced raising funds for 'Hearing Dogs' in the late 1990's with the proceeds from all raffles being run at the bowling tournaments, being donated to this good cause.    The first cheque for 2500 was presented to  the 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People'  organisation at Warner's Lakeside, Hayling Island, in February  2000 -  this was money raised during the preceding two years.   As more and more of the competitors became aware of what the proceeds of the raffles were being used for, the sales of raffle tickets increased and certain individuals also began to organise events within their own county in aid of this charity.   As a result further cheques for similar amounts were presented in February 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.    The year 2006 saw over 5000 being raised and as a consequence the sixth cheque for 2500 was presented early in December 2006.  In
February, 2007, a further cheque for 2500 was presented, making 3 cheques within a 12 month calendar period.    Further funds continued to be raised and in February 2008 at Warner's Lakeside, Hayling Island a further two cheques to the value of 2500 each were able to be presented from money raised by our bowlers.   In addition a further cheque for 5000 was  handed over, this additional sum being an amount that was given as a donation by one of the bowlers who regularly attends at our holidays.   Since that time cheques have been presented regularly each February and the total raised so far is 55,000 - 22 dogs at 2,500 each.  


This is the 19th and latest dog that is being trained with money raised by our fund raising.



For several years the 'Warman Leisure Holiday Charity Team' was assembled from all over the south of England to travel at their own expense, to play against one of the counties from which bowlers regularly attend our holidays.   The team has in the past few years travelled to Essex, Kent, Oxfordshire and Avon  to take on our regular bowlers from those counties.    At each of these events a considerable amount of money was raised and added to the funds.    Unfortunately due to the current economic climate these matches have currently been suspended.

Further information on 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People' can be found on their website at:


Our most sincere thanks are extended to all of the people who have bought and continue to buy, raffle tickets at our tournaments and to all those of you who make donations, donate raffle prizes, or sell items, or who organise their own events within their own counties and add the proceeds to our funds.