Updated: 24 Feb 2017 12:55


Of course going on holiday is one thing, but most people who attend our Holidays really attend because they want to play and enjoy their Short Mat bowls. 
   So what
bowling do you get for your money?

All Competitions are initially run on a 'round robin' basis so every bowler is normally guaranteed a set number of games over a set  number of ends in the 'round robin' stages.   With the winners and runners-up progressing to the next stage there is then ample opportunity for further bowling for those who qualify.   Of course if players are knocked out after the 'round robin' stages of all of the major competitions they are then eligible to enter the 'plate' competitions - if they wish to do so.

'Pairs' and 'Fours' Competitions are now held at all venues, normally with an optional 'Mixed Fours' Competition as well.   These 'Mixed Fours' Competitions are not however available at the Turkey and Tinsel breaks  held at Warners Lakeside, just before Xmas.

The February holiday at  Warners Lakeside, which was previously Singles and Pairs, has now also changed to being  'Pairs' and 'Fours' Competitions, with an optional ''Mixed Fours' Competition.    Single's Competition will no longer be held from 2018.

Cabaret   -   at venues where there is an evening cabaret the bowling tournaments are organised around the cabaret.

Individual holiday pages show details of the actual competitions that are run at each venue.