Updated: 16 Nov 2012 14:10

Annual Charity Match - (in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People)
In 2005 it was decided that a Warman Leisure Holidays Charity Team would be formed - to play a charity game - each year in a different county - on a weekend near the end of June - with all bowlers involved in both teams being people who regularly attend our holidays.   All of the money raised from the various raffles run on the day (all players bring a raffle prize that they donate) and from meals, tea and coffee, bacon butties, etc., would be added to the fund raising money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.    (See separate information page for full details of our commitment to this charity).
The Warman Charity Team consisted of 36 bowlers from various counties - these bowlers being regulars at our holidays.   Each year all of the players who form the Charity Team travel to the venue at their own expense, many from counties a considerable distance away and many stay overnight incurring hotel costs.    Such is the commitment of our regulars!!
In 2005 the first match was hosted by Essex at Hanningfield Village Hall and their team comprised of 36 Essex bowlers who regularly attend on our holidays.   The Charity Team comprised of players from several other counties throughout the south of England.   This match was won by the Essex team and  over 1000 was raised on the day.
Following the initial success in 2005 it was decided that the second match in 2006 would be hosted by Kent at Snodlands and played to the same format with 36 Kent bowlers playing once again against a mixed team from all over the South of England.   Some of the bowlers who had played for Essex when that county hosted the event the previous year, were now this year playing for the Charity Team whilst the Kent bowlers who had played in the Charity Team the previous year, were now part of the Kent Team.   The Warman Leisure team won this match and once again over 1000 was raised on the day.
2007 saw a visit to Pucklechurch where the game was hosted by Avon with their team being supplemented by our friends from Wales who attend many of our holidays.    The Charity Team comprised players from as far afield as Essex, Kent and West Sussex to name a few.    This match was won by Avon and just under 1000 was raised.
The game on 28 Jun 08 was another superb day out and saw the Charity Team Travel to the Old Mill Hall at Grove where Oxfordshire hosted the match.    With more bowers from Oxfordshire than any other county attending at the holidays the Oxon team manager had a hard choice in deciding who to play and who to leave out, but finally 36 Oxon players were selected to play against the Charity Team comprising of players from Swansea, Essex, Kent, West Sussex, Dorset and Northants.     1271.64 was raised for Hearing Dogs and the match was won by the Charity Team.
2009 saw a return to Essex for a further interesting day out and a further 1000+ being raised.
Our thanks must go to the members of the host county who arrange and organise the venue and food for these matches they really do an excellent job each year.   Without such willing volunteers it would not be possible to continue these matches each year and to therefore raise the considerable sums of money that are raised each year for our charity.
2010 saw a return to Kent where once again over 1000 was raised and the match won by the Charity Team.   Unfortunately due to the current economic climate no matches have been scheduled since 2010.